The Spirit Animal Vision Board Workshop is a great way to get started doing Vision Boards online. This class is brief, but packed with great information.

We will explore your spirit animals of all types and build a beautiful board that can be used as a reminder of your best attributes/ attributes you aspire to in time when you need a little affirmation.

The Signifigance of Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are viewed as guides that represent attributes that you either

possess or desire, in order to get through life.

The fun of this exercise is we explore Spirit Animals as actual animals and people as well.

(How many times have you heard someone say "Beyonce is My Spirit Animal!")

Combining them all in one board that will remind you of who you are and aspire to be in those times when you need reassurance.



Make It A Party

Our Vision Board Workshops are fun as a solo activity. Friends, food and drinks, just make them that much better.

Dreams Manifest LLC got it's start as a business built around in-person vision board workshops.

You can recreate that energy with your friends!

Invite your friends to enroll, set a date & time, & do the class together over online meeting platform. What a great twist on those zoom happy hours you're having anyway.